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PS1: Final Fantasy VII (or 8,9 their all great)
PS2: Final Fantasy X (too many great rpgs to count tho)
PS4: Persona 5 / Last of US remastered
Snes: Super Mario World / Super Mario RPG / Secret of Mana
Gamecube: Zelda - Wind Waker / Paper Mario TTYD
Wii: Mario Galaxy I+II, Xenoblade Chronicles
WiiU: Zelda Breath of the wild (apart from zelda, kinda lackluster game lib. looking back today)

3DS: Super Mario 3D land, Bravely default + second,...
PSP: FF tactics - war of the lions, Patapon, LocoRoco , Jeanne d'Arc....
Vita: Legend of Heroes + Atelier games. Persona 4 golden
Switch: Mario Oddessey, but alot of great rpgs on it as well.