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Cobretti2 said:
SanAndreasX said:

People like MTG don't consider anything east of Poland and Romania to be Europe. 

MTG is also not even the dumbest MF in Congress when we have Tommy Tuberville, Markwayne Mullen, Lauren Boebert, George Santos, and Paul Gosar. I'm amazed that Madison Cawthorn didn't get re-elected.

And not  too long ago anything east of Germany most to the west didn't consider part of Europe lol.

Not sure who you mean but what else were countries like Poland supposed to be for them? Asia or what? Pretty much the first time I hear about "most" not considering countries east of Germany to be Europe. I know many who were against them to be part of the EU, though. But part of Europe? Even Russia is considered to be Europe by most I know. Not as a whole geographically but by the rest. 

Last edited by crissindahouse - on 17 March 2023