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Second week of Breath of the Wild is over. Now at 113 shrines, more than 500 Korok seeds and more than 1,000 treasure chests in Hyrule's overworld opened. Also managed to complete the second and third trial of the Master Sword. There aren't all too many treasure chests left. As for Koroks, I've got almost all of them in Hyrule's western half by now. Overall, I am a bit above 50% of completion, I'd say.

Next up is Hyrule's eastern half to get close to the 900 mark for Korok seeds, finding the few remaining shrines and finishing up another ~20 sidequests. Afterwards I will finally tackle the DLC shrines and titan before I'll face Ganon in Hyrule Castle. If I can get all of this done in the third week, I'll have enough time left to finish everything by the end of March.

Nevertheless, the challenge for the fourth week is to keep the motivation high. I've saved up all the minigames in order to have a few fun things left to do between the material grind for all the equipment.

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