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SvennoJ said:
Runa216 said:

Both the PS3 slim and the PS4 pro came out 3 years after the console's initial release. 

This 'waaah, early adopters are getting screwed' take is so weird to me. You know what you're getting into getting any game or console at launch. Technology improves. Prices tend to go down. Deals and discounts happen after release. Been like that basically as long as there's been media or technology of ANY kind. If you don't...maybe you shouldn't be investing in hardware or software because you're clearly a child with no concept of time and technological progression yet. 

** User Runa216 was given a warning for calling a user childish.

Dang you got a warning for that, I need to be careful with my wording now I'm nearly 50. Most of you are all children to me :p

But I notice the same, hardware is not an investment, it's never future proof. Nor does it last forever, especially not the modern crap. Early adopters always get 'screwed'. I waited to jump into 4K HDR until HDMI 2.0, still too soon as now HDMI 2.1 and VRR are out, while I still have a 1.4 receiver that is now limited to HDMI Arc lossy 5.1. Basically 4K coming out screwed me out of lossless sound quality. But that's technology, and early VRR adopters are / will be 'screwed' again.

PC components are like buying a car, lose half the value when you drive it off the lot. Build a 'future' proof PC, some new tech will be out the next year you didn't account for...

No idea why people would be happy about the end of generations, there's still so much more to discover out there. Why settle for what we have, always keep improving. A PS5 pro would indeed give incentive to push gaming further. By making the pro the (imo useless) 4K / 120 fps machine, more games on the 'base' console will be allowed to exist as 1440p30 or even 1080p releases. Thus making it possible to push gaming systems further instead of wasting CPU/GPU on pixel counting.

Maybe the realization comes with age. 7 years is not a long time anymore for me. And I would still like to see many console / VR generations come and go before I go. Got 40 more gaming years in me I hope, bring on the holo deck! Why do we still not have quantum computers and holographic displays! I'm not ready to settle. Btw Holy shit, I played Switchback VR last night, Holy shit :)

I honestly think the 'warning' was a joke, because that is not 'warn-worthy' or breaking any rules and I got no moderation warnings or messages of any kind. If sincere, hoo boy that might be the silliest warning I've ever gotten anywhere for anything. 

And yeah, console generations do seem to be lasting a lot longer. I'm 37 and the SNES to N64 era, despite only being 5 years, felt longer than the PS3-PS4 era (which was I think 7 years) and the PS4 to PS5 era (Which I also think was 7 years). 360 to One era was 8. And the Switch is currently in its 6th year with little to no talk of new hardware on the horizon. (To be fair I think DS was like 8 years as well). 

At EARLIESt I think the PS6 will come out 2027, with 2028 making more sense especially with a mid-generation update in 2024. 

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