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I mean who am I to disagree with an expert. I am certain that Sony and Microsoft are putting some work in on upgraded consoles in case market conditions change, or in case their competitor is doing it. The real question is whether they have any intention of ever releasing them. It's unclear that there's a major GPU deficit - I can see reasonably high pixel counts continuing for the next few years. It's unclear whether there's demand for it. And it's also unclear that mid-range offerings are getting better fast enough to price a 20-30TF console in 2024/5 at anything less than $800.

Those who bought a One X had three years of use before the Series X came out, PS4 Pro had four years of use until PS5. So I do agree that 2024/5 is the time to release one. But i'm not sure that that timing lines up with either demand or the technical realities of the hardware market at the moment.