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I have updated my database for VGChartz global monthly sales and am now releasing it for anyone to view. You can get it here. Similar to my Famitsu sales database it has two sheets, one is chronological months the other is launch aligned months.

The charts and tables in the OP have been updated after some adjustments. The adjustments are as follows: PS5 up by 1k. Switch down by 6k. XS down by 121k.

Data (January 2023 Global)


ConsoleSales After 27 MonthsDateConsoleSales After 71 MonthsDate
Nintendo Wii45,168,145January 2009Nintendo DS131,101,866September 2010
PlayStation 436,732,407January 2016Nintendo Switch121,818,708January 2023
Nintendo DS36,053,751January 2007PlayStation 499,977,016September 2019
Nintendo Switch34,462,781May 2019Nintendo Wii96,285,309September 2012
PlayStation 531,768,146January 2023PlayStation 368,041,596September 2012
Nintendo 3DS29,041,238April 2013Nintendo 3DS63,787,085December 2016
PlayStation Portable21,019,127February 2007PlayStation Portable62,228,999October 2010
Xbox Series20,562,394January 2023XBox 36057,974,249September 2011
PlayStation 320,365,598January 2009Xbox One44,836,327September 2019
Xbox One19,518,100January 2016PlayStation Vita15,562,520October 2017
XBox 36016,567,545January 2008Nintendo Wii U*13,560,180September 2018
Nintendo Wii U9,028,006January 2015
PlayStation Vita7,942,201February 2014

ConsoleTotal SalesMonth 27 Sales12-Month Sales
Nintendo Switch34,462,781901,36617,309,582
PlayStation 531,768,1461,258,93214,075,465
Xbox Series20,562,394460,8818,889,430

ConsoleTotal SalesMonth 27 Sales12-Month Sales
PlayStation 531,768,1461,258,93214,075,465
PlayStation 436,732,407812,26217,514,274
PlayStation 320,365,598675,32410,225,480

ConsoleTotal SalesMonth 27 Sales12-Month Sales
Xbox Series20,562,394460,8818,889,430
Xbox One19,518,100286,7358,482,486
Xbox 36016,567,545674,9318,081,473

ConsoleTotal SalesMonth 27 Sales12-Month Sales

ConsoleTotal SalesMonth 71 Sales12-Month Sales
Nintendo Switch121,818,7081,134,48919,071,866
Nintendo DS131,101,8661,341,70222,613,798

Steam Deck Fangirl, Series X appreciator, PlayStation Games freak, Switch 2 Beggar.

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