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Mar1217 said:

So we finally get a year where PS5 stocks can run through it all, just to possibly announce the existence of a better console a year from now on ...

I mean to me, this simply looks like another "Switch Pro" situation in the making. Otherwise, were it to be true, then it truly feels like the middle finger to those who were promised the advancements from this generation.

Also if you thought the PS5 and Xbox Series X were pricey ... Oh my sweet mother child, how much do you think these will cost upwards of the current consoles. Certainly one way to boost their revenue...

I don't think it will be all that expensive. PS5 is getting a new model later this year according to leaks which will replace the current PS5 and PS5 Digital, one with no disc drive by default, that will include a SKU with a bundled plug-in external disc drive to replace the disc drive launch PS5. This model is said to be cheaper to produce than the current PS5. I would imagine we may see the first price cut alongside it as a result, down to $350 for the disc drive-less model and $450 with the bundled external disc drive. I would imagine base PS5 and PS5 digital would get a second price drop in 2024 alongside the PS5 Pro launch assuming it does indeed release Holiday 2024 as rumored.

So Holiday 2024 something like $300 PS5 Digital, $400 PS5 bundled external disc drive, $600 PS5 Pro maybe. That's $200 more than PS4 Pro was, but the rumored specs for PS5 Pro are fairly high, I believe the AMD GPU that is speculated for PS5 Pro has 23 tflops or so, compared to 10 tflops on base PS5. That GPU alone is expected to cost $300-400 on launch on PC. That is pretty powerful and it shouldn't be as CPU bound as the PS4 Pro was, as the CPU in PS5 Pro is expected to be a larger upgrade over base PS5 than PS4 Pro's CPU was over base PS4.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 14 March 2023