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Medisti said:

Very good numbers! I’ve only played the PS4 version of the original myself. For curiosity’s sake, does anyone know any ballpark estimates for how each part of the series has sold? IE, the original, part 2, and the remake separately?

In terms of official data the last updates we got for each were:

  • The Last of Us - 8.15 million as of May 2019
  • The Last of Us Remastered - 11.78 million as of May 2019
  • The Last of Us Part II - 10 million as of June 2022

No data for Part I yet.

All of that adds up to 29.93 million, leaving 7.07 million unaccounted for (up to Dec 2022). They'll all have benefited from that 7.07 million of course, but to varying degrees (3 and a half years of sales for a very old original & fairly old remaster; 6 months for the newer Part II; and the launch quarter for the brand new Part I).