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yo33331 said:
curl-6 said:

I feel like this might be a little premature. So far most weeks this year have been in the 50-70k range.

It will naturally slow down as it's over 6 years old now, but for the moment, a baseline under 40k for the next 5 months seems like a bit of a lowball.

If you look at consoles lifecycle, the years after their peak ones, often show levels close to the previous year for 2-3 months of the start of each year (jan, feb, march) and often settle their baseline for the year after those first two/three months of sales. This will be the case with the Switch this year too (both in japan and globally). It may won't go below 40k, but I guarantee you it won't stay above 60k weekly baseline for the rest of the year.

I don't doubt it will settle lower than it is currently, based on past years and it's age, I just don't think it's likely to settle in the 30-40k range just yet, as it still has some momentum behind it.

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