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I always loved sci-fi and esp loved Star Trek as a kid. The 90s series was going very strong so I had little interest in watching shows that were similar.

Many years later I watched season 1 of SeaQuest and found it pretty good. Less said about 2 and 3 the better. I'm also just now getting into Babylon 5. Having the show's visual effects rendered entirely on Amiga 2000 PC farm was cost-cutting in 1994. It showed then and indeed shows now. Whereas SeaQuest clearly had a decent budget. Bab5 was roughly half a million an episode, approximately a 4th of what Star Trek DS9 had. Bab 5 so far is good but for a 5-mile-long space station, it feels tiny and cramped and hardly looks like a space station set at all but a modern 90s office building.

I would like to see a reboot of SeaQuest with the premise more like Season 1 and Babylon 5 with a reboot with a better budget and modern-day CGI even if TV CGI it would be leagues better than the original.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Remake Geist Force SEGA!/Remake Omega Boost Sony!