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Child marriage ban bill defeated in West Virginia House

"Kanawha County Republican Sen. Mike Stuart, a former federal prosecutor who sided with the majority, said his vote “wasn’t a vote against women.” He said his mother was married when she was 16, and “six months later, I came along. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”"

Some thoughts here:

I hope that his dad was roughly the same age as his mother, otherwise that's a much grosser situation he's defending.

And frankly, this is a super weird insecurity. Thinking that it's bad for children to get married or for children to be raped, does not make your life invalid. 

I don't understand this bizarre stubbornness.  

We are constantly learning more about people, we're getting better at figuring out how to treat others. We're getting better at figuring out how to fix problems. We're getting better at figuring out how to raise kids. I'm saying saying we have been putting those things into practice.  

But that is the issue, we should be putting those things into practice, instead of stubbornly holding onto the past. It doesn't make your life invalid because we figure out better ways to do something. If anything, your life becomes even more meaningful when you do things better than the past; when you break the cycle.  

TallSilhouette said:

Missourah Republican gives the game away (in laughably bad fashion) as to what this obsession with school curriculum is really about:

You'll also be shocked to see that contrary to his show Tucker Carlson really hates Trump's guts.

I always really appreciate seeing people ask the pushing questions; instead of side-stepping on important issues because of politeness.  

Last edited by the-pi-guy - on 09 March 2023