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Radek said:
shikamaru317 said:

Yeah, I have the same issue. I'm a 6'3" guy with a wide frame as well, and yet my hand size is only at about the 40th percentile for males, so below average (mine are 3.5 inches wide measured across the palm, 7.5 inches long measured from tip of middle finger to the crease where the palm meets the wrist). Most guys my height and weight have much bigger hands, it's definitely an insecurity going through life with hands that feel too small, especially since probably at least 10% of women have bigger hands than me in all dimensions, and more than that are longer in terms of hand length since I have short fingers.

Here is my hand compared to a Switch Lite, don't have a regular Switch for closer comparison with your pic:

The best way I have found to cope is simply to not let myself care what other people think of me. If I start having insecure thoughts I just brush them aside and think of something else instead.

I see, although You have much longer thumbs than me which is definitely useful. 

Have you ever had women notice or talk about your hands? Thank You for your input.

Hi, TC. Insecurities are a bitch. I'm shorter than shikamaru, but at 1.82cm almost 10 cm taller than you. Neither of you actually have small hands. You just have short fingers. I'm at the opposite side (long fingers, short hands), but nobody that I remember ever made a direct comment on that. Even so, having something that makes us self aware is horrible. But I can assure you that hand size is not something to be self conscious about. You are going to have to find something else that you like about you and focus your mind on that. Like, a lot! Make it a reverse obsession! when I was young, I was like, super thin! I couldn't reach 60 kilos for the life of me. It was terrible, and people would call me horrible names. Until I started doing exercises and practicing martial arts. In about six months I went from super, ridiculous thin to lean/fit, even if still not heavy for my size. And I would be loving myself then! I strongly suggest you go and do something similar for yourself that helps taking your mind from an aspect you don't care about in your body and shift it to one that you love! Worked for me big time.

And, I cannot stress this enough, women don't really care about men hands size. If one or another do, it is just a whim or personal, individual idiocrasy that shouldn't affect your self esteem.