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Radek said:
the-pi-guy said:

Body insecurity is a tricky thing.

It would be easy to just say don't worry about it, but that doesn't make people feel better. That might be the answer, but it's much easier said than done. There's a reason why these things often require therapy.

I will guarantee to you that you spend more time thinking about your body, and your insecurities than anyone else will.

Most people will probably not even notice your hands in the first place. I genuinely can't remember the last time I gave a thought to the size of someone's hands. And even if I did think about someone else's hands, it would be something I would think about for a few seconds at most. "Oh neat, they have huge hands." "Oh neat they have surprisingly small hands." And then never have any thought related to those hands cross my mind ever again. 

The main person your insecurity is stopping, is yourself. Most people aren't going to care. There's probably a 1 in a million chance that some weirdo will stop being friends with you over your hand size. In that case, that person is the weirdo. Probably more likely a woman might care more, but even that feels unlikely.  

Again, the person that will care the most is yourself. It's not some unpleasant trait that other people have to worry about. It might even be a slightly preferable trait for some women. 

Thank You. I will try, but after years of thinking about them I'm scared to meet with women especially. While I realize some people have things worse, such as missing limbs or being blind or deaf, I still can't get over my hands as if it's the biggest deal in the world. I think my palm size is OK lenght, but the fingers are definitely short and thin, very unusual for people of every race and gender.

Here's my hands compared to Nintendo Switch, I'm very scared to actually post it :c

Your hand is slightly larger than mine.  I'm married now, but used to be a very successful dater.  I'm also slightly shorter than you, and not especially good looking.  I'm also not rich.  In other words, your hands are fine.  Essentially nobody other than you will notice anything out of the ordinary.  

If your words here are an accurate representation of your thinking, then I'd say you need to get into therapy.  I don't mean to be too harsh, but your thoughts here are completely irrational.  And that kind of issue is very hard to deal with on your own.  You would benefit from professional help.