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Bajablo said:

The thing is, usually it is you projecting your own thoughts onto other people. So, work with yourself. you can't change it, why bother thinking about it all the time.

the best thing you can do is accept who you are and think 'hey, i might have small hands but i'm pretty f*cking great anyway' now you are owning the thing you think is troublesome and it should over time start to feel better.

I am a short guy, 167cm in sweden, where the 'normal' is 175cm+ thats what i've done, i can't change how tall i am, i just gotta own that i'm short and i know i'm great, if someone judges me cause i'm short, well f them, sounds like a terrible person anyway.

hope you get over it, focus on things you can change about yourself instead of things you can't

take care

Man, you took the words of my mouth.

And I got say some things to you OP:

I do have the same problem as you, I have really small hands, even smaller than yours and I am 6 foot tall.

I can't lie, this thing really get into my system, but once I get to do other stuff, like going out with friends or in a date, I get too focused on what I am doing, that the urge to compare my hands just can't go to my head. I simply forget.

I gotta admit that there are periods that I get to obsessed with this, but it's been like two years that I did actually forgot about this till I read this thread, so thanks for that, jk lol. What I did that time was change my obsessions, I developed a obsession to work out a lot, to focus on parts of my body that I can actually change and its been great that I can work some other aspect that bothers me and actually see an improvement, even if small.

And about your question if women do notice that. They do, like a lot. I could overheard some conversations between women irl or on social medias that they like men with big hands bc of some subtle stuff, but this is like one thing out of many and unusual things that women find attractive in men. So just be you, I am sure you'll find women that will be driven to you of other stuff that you have, that you couldn't even imagine that would work.

I can remember of one situation that I was on a date, and it was all just fine, the conversation was flowing, I could see that she was interested, but one time, I don't remember what I was talking that I made some hand gestures and she took the moment and changed the conversation just like that:

"Have people ever told you that you have delicate hands, it's almost like women hands"

I was so off guard, I got a little embarrassed, she laughed, then I could tell that she told me that not because she got turn off, but because we are getting along so well and she thought to say that just to say it and because she was really paying attention to my physical aspects (wich is a good sign). It all ended just fine just because I didn't let my hands ruined me on that moment.

Sooo I all want to say about this is: Don't let your hands stop you from get those experiences, it will develop you once you face situations that make you feel awkward. So go out and meet people! People may notice, but it just it. After all it isn't a aspect that draw a lot of unwanted attention from your surroundings.

Here's my hand compared to a Switch

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