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Radek said:

It's really strange that 5'8" was fine but 5'9" was too tall for that woman :o

Like the difference is so small that she would never notice.

I agree but I looked for a partner in India.

It wasnt a traditional arranged marriage but one that was mixture of what people in the west go through in dating apps/sites.

Basically signing up to a "Matrimonial" site and looking for partners - it didnt help the fact that my family was pretty much useless as I was the one who was looking for someone myself.

Listing specific information such as residence, education, job type, height, weight, skin tone, age, parents profession, religion and whether or not they had tattoos/did drugs/consume alcohol - all played a role in matchmaking.

In my experience - it was height, weight, religion and where I lived (US) that played a role. (Edit: Oh and Language).

I think I probably went through...500+ girls before I met my wife. Some of them rejected me and I rejected many - there were a few crazies I this one parent who literally found out where I lived in India and what church I went to when I rejected her daughter lol - she ended up calling my church to find the reason why I rejected her was pretty intense LOL.

But anyways, Indian (specifically Keralite/Kerala marriage steps go beyond that, its like a job interview - meeting the girl/spending time with her, then talking to her parents, then talking to her grandparents, then talking to her extended family, neighbors, etc - vice versa too. There's a lot of vetting lol.

It was pretty

You probably wont go through the hell I went through hopefully lol.