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pokoko said:

In politics, the word left is applied to people and groups that have liberal views.

So, yeah, I'm gonna go with that.

Using US terms in a thread labeled "US Politics" aside,

Sure that's fine. I'm not upset about it. 

People use words differently. There are plenty of left wingers, who use the terms left and leftist to refer to different groups. I've seen plenty of left wingers that take issue if they're compared to liberals. 

pokoko said:

the sophistry, self-righteousness, and hypocrisy baked into your post is exactly what I mean.  You're actually trying to downplay bias and prejudice, which is kind of amazing. 

I feel like you're just throwing out buzz words, instead of actually responding to the vast majority of either of my posts.

There are meaningful differences between different kinds of bias.

Gay people used to be killed for being gay. Rare occasions, they still sometimes are. 
Is it not a meaningful improvement if people at least stop killing gay people?

I'm not aware of Democrats trying to ban Republicans from having a political party in recent times. I'm not aware of Republicans being unable to marry.

Are Democrats biased against Republicans? Of course they are. But that is not the same thing as proposing laws to prevent subsets of Republicans from getting healthcare, or prevent subsets of Republicans from getting married. 

pokoko said:

Interesting that you don't deny it, though

Because regardless of how confident or self-righteous I sound in my posts, that's not particularly how I feel. Sometimes I slip and say things more strongly than I intend to, but I try to be careful about how I word things. When I'm making a general opinion vs a specific one, when I'm making an opinion vs a fact; when I'm expressing a belief. 

I try separate the idealistic left wing political positions from people that hold those positions. I don't have this fantasy that left wingers are perfect people. My first post that you were responding to, I was talking about political positions. Not the people. Left wing politics are about ensuring equality for people. That does not mean all left wing people do a good job about that. And it does not mean that left wing politicians do a good job about that either. 

A lot of left wingers, and a lot of "left wing" news outlets spread/promote a lot of the exact same problematic views that they call out conservatives for.

pokoko said:

Democrats are just as much about devaluing certain categories of people as conservatives are.  They don't try to understand, they simply condescend.  It's the party of arrogance and telling people what to think.  It's the new Moral Majority.  

Pretty good example of centrism here.

Both sides are just as bad, but Democrats are worse for being arrogant. Which is ironically a very arrogant statement on your part. A very strong sweeping statement that you seem to view as a universal truth.

Personal experience, I find left wingers tend to understand right wingers better than vice versa. I don't believe that is a universal truth, I've seen a few conservatives that I think legitimately understand left wingers than most left wingers; but that's a pretty small minority in my experience. I can count the number of those people on one hand. On the other hand, there are quite a few left wingers that I know that used to be right wingers. Myself included.

My post here is pretty messy. I don't like trying to talk about generalizations, because there are pretty much always exceptions to any rule.