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the-pi-guy said:
pokoko said:

Liberals don't give a damn about people, they only care about demographics

Liberals are generally not considered left wingers.

Much of the world generally considers "liberals" to be center right.

pokoko said:

They have no problem with hatred and prejudice, they have no problem with assigning less value to someone, as long as the targets are approved by the hivemind and not on their "groups we care about" ranking sheet.  They're every bit as biased as conservatives, they're just a hell of a lot more self-righteous and hypocritical about it.

Many conservatives literally feel they are doing God's work, or that their views are justified by God, which is literally as self-righteous as it is possible to be.

Most people think they're morally justified. But they're not advocating for policies or taking action to damage conservatives. 

pokoko said:

I really could not have asked for a better example than the reply below.  I think for a lot of people, this kind of arrogance and conceit is what defines the term "liberal" and why many who might otherwise be left-leaning in terms of philosophy do not want to be associated with them and grow in the opposite direction.

There's a huge difference between thinking someone is better than someone else, and actively advocating for policies that hurt that other person. 

Florida Republican pitches bill to ban the state Democratic Party

In politics, the word left is applied to people and groups that have liberal views.

So, yeah, I'm gonna go with that.

Using US terms in a thread labeled "US Politics" aside, the sophistry, self-righteousness, and hypocrisy baked into your post is exactly what I mean.  You're actually trying to downplay bias and prejudice, which is kind of amazing.  Interesting that you don't deny it, though, and instead go with the Whataboutism option.

Democrats are just as much about devaluing certain categories of people as conservatives are.  They don't try to understand, they simply condescend.  It's the party of arrogance and telling people what to think.  It's the new Moral Majority.