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KLAMarine said:
TallSilhouette said:

Been tempted to post about a few things recently like how released texts prove how Fox News deliberately, knowingly lies about things like Jan 6th to their audience and somehow still gets to call themselves a news channel or about Marjorie Greene tripling down on open, unashamed fascism for everyone to see but at the same time both kinda felt like telling people what they already know.

This may be in a similar vein but we can tally up another year where every extremist mass killing was committed by the right wing. Congrats on another remarkable achievement, conservatism.

Or left wing mass killings go under reported? Or what counts for 'right wing' is applied more loosely than what counts for 'left wing'?

Except the overwhelming majority of mass shootings are unambiguous about political proclivities.

If 10 mass killings take place during a given period whereby 9 of the perpetrators make it obvious what their ideology is while the remainder has been sneakier at hiding their principles, the under representation that was potentially created by that last killer is practically irrelevant given the first 9 making the case for a plurality.