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IcaroRibeiro said:

If this is true, I hope they do sell next gen upgrades for their Switch first party games. I would love to play an enchanted versions of some Switch games that I don't find very graphically appealing

I think most you'll get is just maybe higher resolutions for switch games.
I wouldn't go expecting every current switch game to get fps patch's that boost those, or texture packs ect.
To be fair, on Playstation and Xbox, alot of games, only get that as well.

However I think Nintendo will be more direct than Playstation/xbox, when it comes to the cut off point.
With both the others, alot of games are made to also run on last gen consoles, and that then limits how much can be done on the newer Gen systems.
Nintendo will nintendo, and just "this game needs a Switch 2". Which will come with the upside of no last gen system req. holding said titles back.