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Soundwave said:

The Nvidia Drake model (T239) that's been leaked (also by a leaker who's gotten multiple things correct) and is listed as NVN2 in an Nvidia leak (NVN is Nvidia's internal name for the Nintendo Switch) is way too powerful for a "Pro" model. That thing is like 7-8x more powerful than the current Switch.

That said I doubt hardware this year. Furukawa said point blank he doesn't think hardware initiatives will boost Switch sales this year, that seems like a weird thing to say if you're launch new hardware.

This leak could be correct and still be a 2024 product as this Pokemon DLC runs through April 2024.

Yes alongside DLC 2 could stray into the first quarter of 2024. At almost 7 years old it would be too late for a Pro model. If they release a new device with the T239 or another chip with a newer architecture but still call it "Switch Pro" it's just Switch 2 with a different name. That's too radical a change in hardware to be considered similar to the New 3DS, PS4 Pro or One X.

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