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JWeinCom said:
Soundwave said:

The Nvidia Drake model (T239) that's been leaked (also by a leaker who's gotten multiple things correct) and is listed as NVN2 in an Nvidia leak (NVN is Nvidia's internal firmware name for the Nintendo Switch) is way too powerful for a "Pro" model. That thing is like 6-8x more powerful than the current Switch.

That said I doubt hardware this year. Furukawa said point blank he doesn't think hardware initiatives will boost Switch sales this year, that seems like a weird thing to say if you're launch new hardware.

This leak could be correct and still be a 2024 product as this Pokemon DLC runs through April 2024.

When exactly did he say this? He may not have been talking about calendar year, as I believe Nintendo's FY starts and ends in March. 

He said this in the investor's Q&A like last week when asked if they had plans outside of just software to boost existing Switch sales (which is basically asking are you planning to cut the price here or release new hardware or what?)

Q: Considering the unit sales results for the current fiscal year, it seems like it will be difficult to
stop the slowdown in hardware sales just by releasing new software. Are you planning any
specific measures for next fiscal year?

A: Nintendo Switch will soon mark its seventh year since launch. Ideally, we would like to
maintain unit sales volume next fiscal year at the same scale as this fiscal year. However, looking
back at the holiday season, our results were affected in part by external factors like the change
in consumer behavior caused by inflation and the diversification of entertainment choices due

to the resumption of economic activity. Especially in overseas markets, it was more of a
challenge for Nintendo Switch to be seen by consumers as their first choice of entertainment.
Sales have been steady entering the fourth quarter, but in the Nintendo Switch’s seventh
year, it might be hard to increase unit sales with hardware-related initiatives alone. That is
my candid impression.

That seems like a weird answer to give when you are releasing new hardware to boost sales. Unless he considers Switch 2 a completely different product line or something.