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RolStoppable said:

The logic that this suggests a Switch 2 is flawed, because "no Switch Pro" is based on the very same sources that were damn sure that Switch Pro was coming in 2021. No idea why the source that got the Pokémon stuff right should suddenly be discredited while the guys who got it wrong are deemed more trustworthy.

Business-wise, and as I've said a bunch of times before, there's no sense in replacing such a highly profitable as Switch so soon, but there's a lot of sense in prolonging its life. Machine translation may not be reliable, but at the very least it should be able to distinguish between singular and plural of nouns, so the wording "new Switch models" rules out a successor anyway. But the wording makes sense for upgraded hybrid and handheld-only models, plus it also makes sense in combination with the Bloomberg rumor that Nintendo intends to increase Switch production for the upcoming fiscal year.

The thread title should be changed.

Digital Foundry is typically trustworthy though. They claim they spoke with multiple sources at game studios (presumably studios which typically partner with Nintendo and would be in the know) who all told them Switch Pro had been cancelled in favor of a Switch successor. While this could be a more powerful Switch Pro model, a Holiday 2023 release for a Switch Pro seems very late in the generation to me considering Switch will turn 7 years old in March 2024, a Switch Pro releasing this late in a generation would at most have 2 years of sales before a Switch 2 is released around Holiday 2025-March 2026, so I doubt very many would be willing to shell out a likely $350 or more on a system that may only last them 2 years. If Nintendo was going to do a Switch Pro, it needed to release in place of the Switch OLED back in 2021 imo, not in late 2023. 

On top of that, the Nvidia Switch chipset that leaked and was confirmed to be real by an Nvidia employee, is far too powerful for a mere Pro console, we're talking like 8x the graphical power of Switch 1 if I recall the specs correctly. A Pro console would surely be at most 4x as powerful as the base Switch. It's not cost effective to release a hugely powerful Switch Pro when most devs are going to take the lazy route and only use a higher resolution, rather than upgrading other graphical settings like textures, shadows, anti-aliasing, etc. with all of that extra power.

Soundwave also brought up a good point about the fact that the live-service schedule for DLC 2 will run from it's likely release in December all the way until probably April, so the Switch 2 and the Scarlet/Violet graphics update could release later in the live-service cycle around March or April 2024 and the Pokemon leaker would still be right. 

I will edit the title to say that it could be either a Switch 2 or a Switch Pro though.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 27 February 2023