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Maybe, I wouldn't complain, but I have some doubts.

For one, why would you have a new hardware model or successor model and then not launch with your biggest game release of the year (Zelda: TotK)? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense especially when it's like Zelda is May and this hardware would be presumably only a few months later in November or so? You could have surely just
held the game back a few months.

Second, we're almost into March and there doesn't really seem to be much chatter from other dev/manufacturing sources about a new model this year other than this one Pokemon guy.

Third, Furukawa told investors he doesn't think new hardware would boost sales much this year (from the Q&A):

"But in the Nintendo Switch’s seventh year, it might be hard to increase unit sales with hardware-related initiatives alone. That is my candid impression."

That doesn't really sound like new hardware this year. Of course Nintendo can do whatever, but I do have some doubts. We'll see I guess if there's increased chatter/leaks in the next few months.

My best guess is still 2024.