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Update: The leaker is back and says that the new Switch model he mentioned in his previous leak is a next-gen successor, not a revision or Pro model. He also says that as far as he knows DLC 2 is releasing in Q1 2024, not Q4 2023, and since he previously said the new console would release alongside DLC 2, we can now peg Switch 2 as a Q1 2024 release:

Original post:

Last week a leaker on 4chan claiming to work at a company that Nintendo outsourced some work on the Pokemon DLC to, leaked multiple details about the DLC which were proven accurate today, including the name of the DLC and the appearance and/or typing of several Pokemon. He also claimed that his studio was working on a graphics update for Pokemon Scarlet/Violet on new Switch models for release alongside DLC 2 later this year (DLC 2 is scheduled for Winter 2023 officially now). 

While the wording of his leak says it is new Switch models, rather than Switch 2, we previously heard from Eurogamer's Digital Foundry and other sources that plans for Switch Pro were scrapped in favor of a Switch successor, so it would seem likely this new model, if it does indeed exist, is a proper Switch 2, not Switch Pro. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 01 March 2023