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Conina said:

But I would prefer a bit more cable just to be sure, so I ordered a 1-meter USB-C-extension. I chose one with an 90 degree angle, should allow much better cable management, especially since the only USB-C port of the PS5 is at the front side:

So my USB-extension arrived, looks much better now:

My first impressions of the PSVR2 hardware and system software are very good.

Resolution and image clarity is great (if you find the sweet spot)... similar to my HP Reverb G2, much better than on my old Oculus Rift and PSVR1.

The sweet spot with a good focus is quite narrow... takes a few tries until text is clear.

Image brightness, black levels and colors are awesome thanks to HDR + OLED.

Wearing the PSVR2 headset with glasses under it is less comfortable than wearing my HP Reverb G2 with glasses, I'll probably get lens inserts for it, as soon as they are available: -

The passtrough video quality of the PSVR2 is much better than the passtrough of the HP Reverb G2.

The headset force feedback in the headset is awesome (f.e. the shockwaves in Thumper).

The motion tracking of the headset and controllers is great, much better than the tracking of my HP Reverb G2.

I don't like wearing headphones additional to the VR-headset, especially with additional cables. I hope there will be a better audio solution in the future, f.e. clip-on mini-speakers similar to the Valve Index / Reverb G2.