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SvennoJ said:
Machiavellian said:

Just got my headset today. Which games are people recommending. Which one sets the wow factor for the device as my wife wants to try it out.

You already tried RE Village, that has the wow factor, as well as CotM, GT7 and Kayak VR. Those are all heavy on motion though, not a good place to start trying it out. I would recommend the Moss/Moss 2 bundle for PSVR. It was already excellent on PSVR, 2nd best next to Astrobot and now looks so much better on PSVR2. It's played sitting, but you can of course stand up to peer into the models at any angle. Easier to control as well, no more jittery moves.

Thumper, Tetris Effect and Rez Infinite upgrades are also very much worth the asking price, yet don't have that you're part of the environment factor. Very cool games in VR, but no tricking you into believing stuff is actually there for the touch. Moss feels like real scale models right in front of you that you can stick your head in and look around.

@Quark The higher resolution opens up new options. Last night I was throwing crates in the river, watch them float away, then shoot them with the bow for target practice :)

Indeed it's truly amazing how capable the headset is. I also bought the Moss bundle so I think I will really enjoy that too. Especially since Horizon Call of the Mountain is pretty intense.

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