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We have to keep in mind guys that the Xbox One only peaked in 2015, only two years after it was released in 2013. Applying the same thing to the XSX it would mean that 2015 would be the peak.
The fact that the XSX was quite down in sales this early isn't a great sign, most consoles at this point see growth. You could argue it is due to stock, but all signs been pointing towards stock improving in 2022, a bit weird to see that supposed trend completely stop for the XSX for the holiday season of 2022. However, sales for the XSX declined significantly as soon as PS5 stock improved, which may show that XSX sales were primarily inflated these first few years by the limited PS5 stock.

It's good to point out as well that 2022 for the XSX sold better than any Xbox One year, so it might be a reach to expect a peak much higher with PS5 now becoming easier to get isn't that reasonable. Xbox exclusives will do very little to reverse the trend, they're all available on PC and we didn't see any exclusives on the Xbox One after 2015 that led sales peaking.