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Global sales for January 2023 have been released which corresponds to the 27th month of sales for the PS5 and XSX and the 71st month of sales for the Switch. There were also some adjustments to previous months amounting to the following totals: PS5 adjusted up by 42k. Switch adjusted down by 57k. XSX adjusted down by 135k.

Charts and tables in the OP have been updated, here is the data for this month.

Console Total Sales 27th Month Sales 12-Month Sales
Switch 34,462,781 901,366 17,309,582
PS5 31,767,146 1,257,932 14,073,465
XSX 20,683,634 456,921 9,010,770

Consoles Total Sales 27th Month Sales 12-Month Sales
PS4 & XBO 56,250,507 1,098,997 25,996,760
PS5 & XSX 52,450,780 1,714,853 23,084,235
PS3 & X360 36,933,143 1,350,255 18,306,953

Console Total Sales 27th Month Sales 12-Month Sales
PS4 36,732,407 812,262 17,514,274
PS5 31,767,146 1,257,932 14,073,465
PS3 20,365,598 675,324 10,225,480

Console Total Sales 27th Month Sales 12-Month Sales
XSX 20,683,634 456,921 9,010,770
XBO 19,518,100 286,735 8,482,486
X360 16,567,545 674,931 8,081,473

Console Total Sales 71st Month Sales 12-Month Sales
Nintendo DS 131,101,866 1,341,702 22,613,798
Nintendo Switch 121,824,708 1,140,489 19,077,866

Console Sales after 27 months Console Sales after 71 months
Wii 45.17m DS 131.10m
PS4 36.73m Switch 121.82m
DS 36.05m PS4 99.98m
Switch 34.46m Wii 96.29m
PS5 31.78m PS3 68.04m
3DS 29.04m 3DS 63.86m
PSP 21.02m PSP 62.23m
XSX 20.68m X360 57.97m
PS3 20.37m XBO 44.84m
XBO 19.52m Vita 15.56m
X360 16.57m Wii U* 13.56m
Wii U 9.03m
Vita 7.94m


PS4 only beat this January's PS5 sales once. January 2018 where the PS4 sold 1.32m to this January's PS5 sales of 1.26m.

DS is entering it's final holiday before the release of the 3DS. The gap in sales has continued to widen between it and Switch with the DS selling 3.6m more units in the last 12-month period launch aligned. However this will soon end and it will turn into an endurance battle for the Switch.

XSX sales this month are substantially better than XBO but also substantially worse than the 360. The bigger thing to note is a 24.5% decline YoY, a trend that Xbox will want to reverse very soon.

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