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Mummelmann said:

After almost 16 years on this site, I have to say this is just about the most disappointed I've felt with the mod team and site admins. This is the type of thing that vgchartz is known for not doing, and one of the reasons I love this place. I have no skin in this game, personally (I have no interest in HP or its author), but the principle of outright banning particular views or counters rubs me the wrong way. As does stretching the whole guilt by association-or proxy thing that's washing over the western world these past few years. I happen to belong to the classical liberal left, and this type of decision and reasoning makes me sad, more than anything.

Agree with Mummelmann here. This is very sad from a moderation perspective. Moderation is about applying rules in an unbiased fashion. It’s a hard job. Many of us have been mods on this site before. 

But this op comes across awfully biased, and discourages me from being apart of this community. I too am left leaning when it comes to politics and I am not a transphobe. There are many things I disagree with Rowling on and there are some I agree with. These topics are complex and we need strong unbiased mods to navigate it not whatever this thread is. 

guys please rethink the approach. There are many ways to achieve a cohesive community with civil discourse if that is the goal. If the goal is something else masked behind rules then please state it as such so that we can make an informed decision if we want to remain on this site.

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