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Here's my rant on the subject and please be mindful that I'm not a native english speaker.

I believe that this conversation is being dragged on because the mod team has failed to understand or acknowledge the core of what is the concern raised by the majority of the posts in this thread.

We understand that any insult of any subject or any matter against anyone will be tolerated and will follow with proper reactions in terms of warnings or bans.

This is good, it's a public forum and conversation has to stay civilized. Everybody or almost everybody will agree with that and it's seems that's the consensus in that thread. If the OP was mainly pushing that, everyone would have probably agreed.

But you also have to realized that you have taken a stance as a TEAM on that specific subjet in that controversy over Hogwart's Legacy call's to boycott. You have presented the fact that the JK Rowling is transphobic and you're standing behind that fact. It's your right, it's your prerogative, and nobody can ask tell you what you should think or not on the subject. If you want to take a stance, you're free to do so.

But here's the is issue with the OP: the tone used.

It's. Passive. Agressive. Period.

This is the core of the problem, using this kind of wording you're telling users that might be neutral on the subject that you migt have a bias in the matter and that raise a flag : if I comment on the subject, will I risk offense someone unwillingly, be flagged as transphobic and be banned ?

If I believe that the original comment of Rowling isn't transphobic and just raise a concern about how agressivily pushing trans rights can risk erasing the female identity from the conversation and cause a step back on woman's rights, would I be flagged as transphobic ? Even if I support trans rights and I even have a really close relationship with a transwoman ? Wouldn't be ironic in a sens ?

But that's the social climate we have right now. Any -ism or -phobic words are more and more commonly used to shut down a conversation or discredite a person's point of view, thus they're losing their meaning. Even suggesting something isn't transphobic can be seen as transphobic. There's less and less place for debate.

So of course people in this forum are raising concerns because of the way your stance is presentend in the OP. It raises concerns about the risk of being banned for talking about something, not because someone is being directly insulted, but because someone might be offended even by a neutral comment. And we have to count on the MODs to be impartial when they serves judgment.

So in my honest opinion, you have the right to take a stance on a difficult subjet and it's very noble to do so. But please, look at the wording and the tone you're using in doing that kind of statement. It has to be neutral in it's presentation and I'm pretty confident it's the core of the issue alot of users in that thread have.