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SvennoJ said:
Conina said:

Got the PS5 retail version of GT7 for just €30 (shipping included), will be my first PSVR2 game.

Has Sony announced yet, which other PSVR2 games will be available as retail versions?

Call of the Mountain? Switchback VR?

Nice! I picked up Resident Evil Village second hand for psvr2. It's actually 50% off on psn right now, same price. ($25) But rather have a disc.
It doesn't seem any new psvr2 games will have a physical release :/ At least not yet. The PSVR2 bundle with Horizon Call of the Mountain will just include a download voucher.

I just bought the PSN version of RE Village on PSN for around €16 (€20 with 20% discounted PS Store credits).

I already had the PC version and can already play it in VR due to the PC-VR mod, but I'm curious how much better the VR-integration of the game developers will be.