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Jumpin said:

It's obvious why this game has been successful despite the backlash it received.

1. The backlash came from the culture warrior “left” which caused a stir around this game, resulting in significant negative publicity.
2. However, on the other side of the culture war is the much larger culture warrior “right” that take negative publicity from the culture warrior left as the most positive publicity possible.
3. In short, the game has become a flash point between these two opposing culture warrior clans.
4. The culture warrior right has taken it upon themselves to support this game what could be considered just another mediocre Harry Potter game (what is it, like 190 of these now?) pretending it to be one of the greatest games ever made.
5. Now, the game is all that the culture warriors can discuss, leading to loads of free advertisement of good quality when the only noteworthy aspect of the game would otherwise be its unfortunate name, “Hogwarts,” a name it shares with a slang term for HPV.

I put the “left” and “right” of these groups in quotes, because they are concerned more with contentious political issues and alignment with the ideological left or the ideological right is more coincidental. They trade different issues back and forth all the time. If the culture war left truly held Marxist beliefs, they would not give much weight to J.K. Rowling's outlier opinions. Marxism is concerned with populations rather than individuals, and Rowling is on the losing side of history when it comes to this issue. The general trend far outweighs any impact she could possibly have. She’s not relevant.


1. A vocal minority on the internet doesn't matter.

2. The game is good.

3. People like the Harry Potter franchise.

Those are the reasons the game is successful.