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RolStoppable said:

A nice filler for March, but I am not buying inferior versions of games that I already have.

When you wanna talk trash but you get the month wrong

Calling it inferior seems harsh, but while it's nice to have it available I'm also not fully won over by it. It does look better than I would have expected from a "remaster", but to get only the first game feels a bit underwhelming when both Wii and Wii U had the whole trilogy (digitally on the latter). Visually it looks more like a remake than a remaster, but that also just makes me wish that it was a full remake and not a faithful recreation of the same game.

I would almost say I prefer "recreations" of games to either be the equivalent of enhanced ports where they shine up what they already have or full on remakes like the RE ones that are essentially whole new games, because the inbetween stuff just feels like a ton of work went into creating something we already have in a nicer packaging.

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