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Some extra info for others and myself.

YoY shipments Q3

Japan 2.29m > 2.09m (-9%)
Americas 3.80m > 3.07m (-19%)
Europe 3.38m > 2.42m (-28%)
Others 1.19m > 0.65m (-45%)
Total 10.67m > 8.22m (-23%)

Japan barely dropped due to Pokemon and Splatoon 3. I too underestimated the power of those games for Japan's market, and the Switch didn't decline how I expected at all. Next year will be quite interesting for Japan, I wonder if Nintendo has any heavy hitters for Japan.

The US too responds well to games like Pokemon, but not as much as Japan.

However Switch dropped hard in Others and Europe. This is despite reports of the Switch doing quite well in some European markets like Spain. But once again Spain loves games like Pokemon.