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Azzanation said:

Afew complaints about the heavy rain scenes. Abit too much rain actually takes away from the stunning visuals. If they can tone is back a dail and not make the rain droplets look like enormous Hail stones, it can be a plus.

Also the fire torches not blowing with the wind is alittle disappointing. When you aim for realism you have to get these things done right.

Besides that, the game looks incredible. Halo 2 Anniversary, FF7, RE2, Dead Space and now RE4 are remakes done right. Looking forward to seeing more RE4.

Ever since people started to point out the huge milk droplets I can't see anything else now when I watch the outdoor scenes. The splashes on Leon's head and shoulders also seems disproportionate to the amount of rain a lot of the time. I really hope the rain is something they revisit as a priority because it's very distracting and makes the game look worse than 2019's RE2. Still really looking forward to playing it though.

Last edited by Machina - on 06 February 2023