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- Well new Mario seems like a no brainer (2D or 3D, or at the very least another Luigi's Mansion)
- Metroid game (maybe Prime 4? If it's delayed enough, they could pull a Zelda BotW and cross-release on Switch and Switch 2)
- 3D Donkey Kong game (I think especially if they just opt for the 2D Mario game this could happen)
- F-Zero (I think they'll finally do it, I feel the urge to tap into this well will be too much given Nintendo has done most of their other major franchises half to death at this point)
- Star Fox
- Animal Crossing
- Mario Kart 9
- Splatoon 4
- Astral Chain 2
- New Mario + Rabbids
- New Rayman
- New Sonic

A few "outside the box" picks:
- Project Hammer
- StarTropics
- Golden Sun
- Punchout
- Battalion Wars
- Wave Race


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