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I've not added a poll on this one since it is more of a conversation piece I feel than seeing stats for one or the other.

One of the standout talking points about Forspoken has been it's dialogue. Across sites and forums you will hear and read how it is cringe, cliché, and just plain and simply bad.

Then comes the story which has also been blasted as being bad, cliche and cringe worthy.

The above is universal I would say. I'm about 30 hours in, love the gameplay loop, combat, RPG elements and traversal, but the story and dialogue is shit. I don't care about the swearing, it do t bother me but it just feels like a homemade B movie.

The reason why I feel there is a greater conversation to be had is due to Uncharted 4 and the departure of Amy Henning. Amy was supposed to be the better writer and story teller and a big deal was made about how everything will be worse without her, but here we have a big project Amy has worked on as a writer and the two biggest things which have torn the game apart by critics and gamers are elements that Amy has been involved in.

Amy Henning and Todd Swashtick are both credited as writers for this game. I know there are other writers, but knowing they played a part, does this change your opinion on Amy Henning and Neil with the whole Uncharted departures.

Do you think the dialogue would have been better if the animations were better or the motion capture? Was it maybe the actors who didn't.l do the dialogue justice or maybe the directing?

Amazingly, I would have thought reviewer's would have picked up on who's written the game story and dialogue considering how much of a big talking point this was during Uncharted 4 development, but this seems to have knowingly or unknowingly flown under the radar