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Ryuu96 said:


Looks like it means from the X360 store specifically but not One/Series?

Likely yes.

I bought the following games.

-Final Fight: Double Impact (Have it on PS3 but wanted to get it on Xbox for b/c for my Series S)
-DAYTONA USA (Never had the game and its not on any other modern platform including PC)
-Jeremy McGrath's Offroad (Same as DAYTONA USA)
-Eets: Chowdown (same as DAYTONA USA)
-Jet Set Radio (have it on Steam but getting the console ver just in case if the PC version is broken)
-Skate 2 (same as DAYTONA USA)

I have all the other games (Left 4 Dead 1/2, CS GO, Orange Box, Assassin's Creed games, Call of Duty, etc on Steam and some on other platforms like PS4, Xbox (modern port) and my Switch).

Edit: I used Microsoft Edge on my Windows 10 Desktop since it wasnt working on FireFox on Windows 10 or Safari on my iPhone.