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E3's first physical event in four years was supposed to be a triumphant return for the trade show — an opportunity to recapture some of the excitement of past conventions, which historically have been major showcase events for the games industry.

However, it appears that when E3 2023 hits the Los Angeles Convention Center in June, it will be without three of its most important draws. IGN has heard from multiple knowledgeable sources that Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo won't be part of E3 2023 or have a presence on the Los Angeles Convention Center showfloor.

This information comes on the heels of Xbox's announcement last week that it would be returning to Los Angeles for its annual summer showcase while declining to confirm whether it would be part of the show itself.

Speaking with IGN last week, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said the platform holder is timing its showcase with E3 at a moment "convenient for press and even consumers" at the event, meaning it's likely to roughly align with the event itself. Spencer also stressed Xbox's public support for E3 and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). However, IGN understands that Xbox won't have a booth on the showfloor.

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Well if that's the case then it may very well be the last E3. If they have it at all.