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ice said:

AoE II predictions now closed after this post, reviews are coming out

we'll allow that last minute change Shika because it's on us for not closing earlier.

I will clarify that I didn't look at any reviews before the change, the change was based purely on the controller UI video that gto posted over on Empire (which was the last piece of missing info I needed for a prediction), didn't even realize the embargo had dropped already. I did look at Opencritic earlier today to see where Goldeneye and HiFi were at, but I saw nothing on Opencritic about new AoE 2 reviews, and we are using Metacritic for AoE 2 so that PC reviews don't skew the average, and I didn't look at Metacritic until just now when you said that some reviews are out already.

I see it's sitting on an 86 average right now, impressive if it can maintain that number. I did tell you guys several posts up that it has a chance of outreviewing the original PC release because the original PC release had some major issues with AI pathing and balance, things which have since been patched, meaning Xbox has better balance and AI pathing on launch than the original PC release.