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CladInShadows said:
Jumpin said:

Seriously, I understand why an obscure simulation might not be updated for modern consoles, but why the fuck is Chrono Trigger stuck way back on Wii? The time distance of its last release is now approaching same distance of time from the original game to its Wii re-release - 1995 to 2011 (16 years), 2011 to present (12 years). It should have come out on the Classic Mini at the least. In the gap between the SNES and Wii, at least we still got the heretical PSX and DS versions (in some places, these were the unfortunate first official releases).

I have a small prophecy: Chrono Trigger: Pixel Remaster within 3 years.

I have both the DS and PSX versions. Let's ignore the PlayStation one because of horrid load times. But don't discount the DS version. It's generally considered the definitive version of the game, and I'm inclined to agree.  What exactly do you think is wrong with it? 

Theres also the Steam version which, after many patches, is now a more than acceptable way to play the game. Almost definitive.

I don't think there's much need for a pixel remasters, but I'd definitely buy it again if they did a HD-2D version.

I have a few minor issues, and one major issue. The minor issues, first: a less enjoyable English translation - the DS one mostly does away with dialectical differences between time periods. Second, the smaller screen doesn’t do the animations or graphical vibrancy any favours—the animations look decimated (it could just be the screen size). My main issue is with content additions that (IMO) ruin important threads of the story by destroying the mystique of Schala and ruining Lavos… all in one fell swoop.

I’m guessing Yuji Horii and Takashi Tokita weren’t involved this time, because the new story pieces reek of Masato Kato awfulness (when he’s left to his own devices).

If it is Kato, it isn’t the first thing he’s done damage to. His bits in Xenogears are also the worst parts of the story (like the Chu Chu scene and spoiling a themed piece of music on it) and unfortunately, I think Tetsuya Takahashi was just too overtired to give a damn. I recall an interview with Yasunori Mitsuda from long ago who said his reaction to the use of the Maria Balthasar theme in the giant Chu Chu scene was “…KATO!!!!!” I don’t hate the guy, I’d have a beer with him… he has interesting ideas, but he needs people to rein him in.

So yeah, mostly I just don’t like the new stuff. But I don’t disagree with you, I’m probably in a (much) smaller group that considers the DS Chrono Trigger to be heresy.

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