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I just finished a fresh game of Chrono Trigger on Wii VC.
Also a game of SimEarth which I didn’t play so much as watch. I had four main continents, trichordates emerged on two of them, the other two insects, and then amphibians began to take over all four. The trichordates managed to survive in a small pocket in the arctic on the smallest continent, and advanced to the Stone Age. They didn’t move beyond that continent before advancing to the medieval era. Despite sending ships everywhere, they only managed to land on the larger Northern continent, and around this time, back on the original continent advanced to the Industrial age. During the Industrial age they explored and colonized all of the continents and most islands. During the Atomic age, things slowed down, and they waged a nuclear war after nuclear war after nuclear war until I got tired and monoliths them to the Information Age. During the Information Age, the pollution and CO2 got so heavy that most of the continents desertified. Global warming got so out of hand the oceans started to evaporate, but stopped before they were gone (no interference from me, because I wasn’t paying attention when this happened. With more landmass, the trichordates civilization slowly began to cover the world, and advanced to the nanotechnology age… which seemed to last forever, they then had a mass exodus to space. Mammals, avians, insects, and dinosaurs still lived in pockets… but in the vast deserts, reptiles thrived, and they founded a civilization almost immediately after the trichordates left.

RIP James Lovelock. He was the scientist behind this Will Wright designed game. Lovelock devised Gaia theory—or the relation between organic and inorganic elements of planets for use of Spector analysis of planetary atmospheres to see if they have any life, and what sort of life they have. He died last year at 103.

Seriously, I understand why an obscure simulation might not be updated for modern consoles, but why the fuck is Chrono Trigger stuck way back on Wii? The time distance of its last release is now approaching same distance of time from the original game to its Wii re-release - 1995 to 2011 (16 years), 2011 to present (12 years). It should have come out on the Classic Mini at the least. In the gap between the SNES and Wii, at least we still got the heretical PSX and DS versions (in some places, these were the unfortunate first official releases).

I have a small prophecy: Chrono Trigger: Pixel Remaster within 3 years.

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