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BonfiresDown said:

Diablo IV is not going to score below 80 like some of you think, barring a complete disaster. Even the original version of Diablo III has an 88 metascore.

Agreed, and from what I've seen of it, 4 looks like a better game than 3. One of the main reasons that 3 reviewed lower than 2 was because it was online only to prevent piracy, which was very controversial in 2012 when 3 released, and while 4 is also online-only, after a decade of more and more games being online only it is less likely the critics will deduct points from 4 for being online-only, people have gotten used to the new normal. They also learned their lessons about pay to win nonsense from Diablo Immortal I think, from what I've heard microtransaction in Diablo 4 will be cosmetic only. That is why I went with an 89, reviewing 1 point above Diablo 3 wouldn't surprise me at all, it could even get a 90 or higher possibly.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 26 January 2023