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"It's already the third year for XS and PS5, Nintendo still comes in first place every month"

No, that's not true. In the US for example the PS5 outsold the Switch 5/12 months last year. Also don't forget that you need game developers to be onboard. PS5 + Xbox + PC are all the same platform really, they get the same 3rd party games. Switch is by itself.

Nintendo's hardware sales dropped by 13 percent in 2021. 20 percent in 2022. They need hardware soon.

I don't think new consoles are like in the past, you don't need any exclusive games. The arguments here are weird. Mario Kart Wii U is the best selling game on Switch. Zelda BOTW was a Wii U game.

In the same way new hardware can just play the same games but with better performance while we wait for new exclusives. And those new exclusives will come IMMEDIATELY. All the third party games that don't work on the Switch can be released quickly for the Switch 2. There are a lot of PS4 games waiting in the wings.