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SecondWar said:
Ryuu96 said:

Can we send more Challenger 2's, UK? 🙂

Fuck do we need them for?

As I understand it, Britain has 227 operational Challenger 2s with a further 22 as training units. Of those, 148 are to be upgraded to Challengers 3s with the rest retired. In theory, the 99 scheduled for retirement would likely be the max they’d be prepared to donate with looking for further unit procurement.

I don't know if Ukraine can make much use of the Challenger 2. From what I read, the UK has already long closed the production line for it's ammunition (Challenger 2 has a rifled cannon, so standard Nato rounds do not work here), in other words, the ammo is very finite. There was a program in 2020 to restart the production lines, but I don't know if they followed through (it was announced just before the pandemic).