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I think the slowing economy works in XB's favor (relative to PlayStation) because they have the lowest price current generation console, by a wide margin. And unless there is a serious crash where people cut out all entertainment expenditures, a slowing economy is not particularly bad for gaming. Gaming is a low cost entertainment option. It's cheaper than damn near everything else. So, people can trade down to gaming from other options, and people that are tight on cash are more likely to choose the lower price system.

With this in mind, I'm thinking we'll see XBox get to around 80 million this generation.

With all of that said, because there continue to be the supply constraints for PlayStation, and a little bit for Series X, it is still impossible to make good judgments about how this generation will play out. We cannot properly judge demand, and the recent historical sales numbers don't give us anything to go on.

Last edited by VAMatt - on 23 January 2023