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Mar1217 said:

Btb, looking at the over 1M section, I think you might have forgot Kirby Star Allies. Pretty sure it's been over a million sold physically for a good while now. + Prepare yourself to add Kirby and the Forgotten Land in a month or so ! 

Last time i saw it on the charts top 30 Kirby Star Allies was at .99 and Kirby and the Forgotten Land was at .98 very close but not quite there yet. Im only going by what shows in the top 30 so there is a chance that Star Allies is there already but i can't say for sure. Since you mention the ones that are close lest add a few more

Kirby Star Allies .99
Kirby and the Forgotten Land .98
Nintendo Switch Sports .96
Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits .96
Luigi's Mansion 3 .82
Last edited by Chicho - on 21 January 2023