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SvennoJ said:
zero129 said:

I guess they where mistaking as they where running with the original rumor. Sorry for the last bit im just so tired of seeing some (Not all mind you) Sony fans doing this all the time and twisting history to suit their agenda (Im also not saying its only Sony fans that does this as some fans from every company does). No offense meant to you, you where just posting what you read. But imo Nintendo didnt shoot themselves in the foot as Sony wanting to make their own console that could also play snes games and get full fees from devs and leaving Nintendo with none was not something any company would agree to. But something we can agree on Zelda on CDI was a piece of shit .

Anyway Sony entered the console market since they couldnt make the deal with Nintendo

MS entered the console market since they couldnt get other company's to make a console for them while they worked the console side, and was worried Sony was going to take away from PC sales. both had their reasons not that it matters anyways.

No problem, I had to look stuff up as my memory isn't all that reliable anymore. Anyway I always wondered how Zelda ended up on CD-i, thanks for clearing that up. I didn't make the connection between the CD-i and a CD-Rom peripheral for the snes.

And yeah Nintendo would have been eaten by Sony and be a third party developer now. They would still make great games but the Wii might have never been, which would have slowed down PS Move and Kinect, which would have slowed down PSVR. Interesting alternative history possibilities.(Eye Toy did come before but I doubt Move and Kinect would have had their success without the Wii paving the way for mass market motion controls)

What Nintendo did do 'wrong' is staying in their red ocean at the time while Sony lured older gamers into console gaming by clever marketing strategies and more 'mature' games. Successfully breaking the stigma that consoles are just for kids. Then Nintendo one upped that with the Wii (only to lose the new blue ocean to mobile games doh)

What's next, I don't know. Personally I hope PSVR2 catches on and that Starfield and BotW2 turn out great as well as Stalker 2. I see that last one is now slated for December. I already bought it last year, hope that ..... war is done soon. So to get back on topic, I have no eggs in the Acti-Blizz take over bucket. But I do hope that if the deal goes through, MS fires all the bad apples at Acti-Bliz. Time to clean house!

Actually I do have an egg in there, would like some co-op Diablo 4 action, yet atm anything Blizzard is not welcome :/

I question if Nintendo has done anything wrong.  With big guns like Sony and MS in the market, Nintendo continue to print money with their hardware and software.  If anything strategy wise, I would say that Nintendo has been 2 steps ahead of both Sony and MS.