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Soundwave said:
mZuzek said:

They have Zelda. That is a lot of stuff.

They could be anticipating a surge in buyers if the Mario movie does really well (hey, you never know) as well. I mean it may not materialize but it might be something they have in the back of their minds. 

I don't think it'll be just Zelda either, I'd be quite surprised if they didn't have a 3D Mario lined up for the holidays, but even if it was just Zelda, it could be a big year in sales. Breath of the Wild is arguably the biggest reason why the Switch is a success - it's easy to forget now, but the entire console was riding on BotW at launch, there was nothing else, and if BotW's release didn't have the enormous impact it had, one can only wonder how well the Switch would've sold. Everyone bought a Switch for this game, everyone loved it, everyone wants the sequel. It's gonna be huge.

On a personal level obviously I want more cool games from Nintendo, but I don't expect they'll have anything that suits my taste outside of Tears of the Kingdom. I want a good new Star Fox, that ain't happening. I want Astral Chain 2, eh, maybe in a few years. I'd want a new IP that's single-player and has more of an interesting setting/story, I don't think Nintendo feels the same. But Tears of the Kingdom's gonna be amazing, I'll take it.

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