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super_etecoon said:

@Slownenberg, I agree. The software pipeline needs to be substantial, robust, and vital. That could even mean taking care of underused IPS in meaningful ways for more niche franchises. I'd sure like to see a Chibi Robo, Excite Truck, Wario Land, Punchout, etc. None of these are system sellers, but all deserve an opportunity to take advantage of the Switch Effect. On the other hand, this desire to continue aggressively pushing the Switch could also mean they don't have the launch titles ready for the Switch 2 and they're hoping to give their developers more time. Here's to no droughts in 2024.

Oh yeah totally. The main games I'm expecting to see on Switch are roughly the ones I listed in the last post: DK, 2D Mario, Prime 4, other Prime stuff like 1 remake and maybe 2/3 HD bundle or something, hopefully Z:WW/TP pack. But there are plenty of other franchises that Nintendo could fill the next two years with.

A full on Wario platformer for sure, an Excite game absolutely, Punchout would be great, I don't really know anything about Chibi Robo but yeah sure, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Golden Sun, Wave Race, and I would say Fzero but Nintendo has already basically said they have no plans anytime soon to revive Fzero :(

Also 2D Zelda! When Nintendo combined its handheld and console lines into the single system Switch I was expecting we'd be getting games that have become more handheld style games, and 2D Zelda is the big one. After the success of the Link's Awakening remake I'd love for them to be working on a brand new 2D Zelda in that style.

Certainly there are tons of franchises or series that they could put on Switch that haven't yet graced the system or we only have a previous gen port of, and those series could take advantage of the 'Switch effect' with its huge userbase. Just depends on what Nintendo has been doing!! I'd love for next-gen to not be coming for like three years if Nintendo has a bunch of these games in the pipeline that are still missing from the Switch. The Switch still feels nowhere near the end of its life for me so I'd have no problem if they keep Switch going for a few more years. Hell by then maybe a next-gen Switch would be powerful enough to play current-gen multiplat console games without too much downgrading.